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Michael Albright

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Here are a few projects from my github page:

Usajobs Search Tool

Have you ever looked for US government jobs on If you have, you may have noticed that some search results are not very relevant–for example, searching for mathematician often returns jobs like waiter or bartender (who need math skills). Similarly, searches for spark (the data science tool) often returns auto mechanics (who change spark plugs).

To improve user experience, I made a web app to search and customize search results based upon user interest. The app is cross platform and mobile friendly, and it uses machine learning to learn your preferences and show you the most interesting jobs first. I have ported the app to three platforms: web, browser extension, and mobile app. You can check out the git repository with all three versions here.

You can also try the app online here.
(Note: it’s hosted on a free heroku account, so the page could be sluggish.)

Usajobs Search Tool

Bokeh Examples

I have made a few easily-modified Bokeh examples which are useful for quickly building and deploying interactive Bokeh websites in python (similar to Shiny in R). Check out the git repo here.

Bokeh example: economic data viewer